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Eat seasonal

Using seasonal food and ingredients are near to my heart , mainly because I am nostalgic about that way of living , I think it’s a way of life that we can miss out on and it gives us a reason to be grateful .

My grandparents , even my parents grew their own vegetables. I grew up knowing what was seasonal fruit and veg , for that I am really grateful , even though at the time I remember thinking how many more broad beans can we eat? Now I am so glad I can remember those first tiny soft tender beans on the Plate and on the flip side remember the big tough beans at the end of the season.

Everyone ate seasonally, there was very little option.

To keep excess food from being wasted , food was pickled or made into Jams or given to neighbours.

There were local community shops that made and sold their produce, Grocers, Bakers, fishmongers that were the centre of communities, communities that knew and cared for each other . How good does that sound 😊

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